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Lyla Harlow
3 min readSep 14, 2021

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain games are defined as the future of gaming. We all are aware of the power of cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts and digital assets that brings into play more people every day. Apart from the architectural variance, the online games have an edge over uniform games.

You can easily find in-game purchases and currency in mostly used titles while playing digital games. Talking about the crypto games, assets and tokens are tradeable; which means that they can be converted to virtual assets and exchange for fiat.

Moreover, a player is not restricted to a particular game/ecosystem and can freely withdraw/reinvest according to their preference. Daily the recognition, adoption, awareness, and usability of blockchain and concepts of cryptocurrencies are growing to help generate earning for players.

Gaming Advances with Tron Blockchain

The hybrid crypto games developed on Tron blockchain consolidate a blockchain wallet into a full-fledged game. Playing on a Hybrid platform enables games to explore diverse platforms without any extensions or support applications.

Not only provides enhancement but also evades high transaction fees to players like mainstream blockchain games and are efficiently scalable. In such hybrid games on Tron blockchain, the development process and architecture permits to use high-quality graphic elements and full feature game-play with player incentivization.

For some time now, we have positively seen a substantial growth in the number of cryptocurrency games on the Tron blockchain. Though this is not a surprise, the crypto games developed on simple yet popular blockchain are performing way better than DApps.

GameJet Games

The gaming industry has not been standing still, showing quite fluctuation in terms of renovation and development of new set of blockchain games. This industry has shown a real change that users can play games, and much of them can spark by competition. There are more online games and mini games out there now than we have ever experienced or played before. Each game in the industry finds ways to attract business.

The games developed on GameJet are based on Tron blockchain that seems to be a core advantage to reach heights within a short period of time. The gameplay is minimalistic and free to play with gamers who invest earn greater daily returns.

These Tron developed games will be available on iOS, Android and web. Comparing GameJet games to other crypto games; our gameplay is great with incredible visuals and animations where no extension is needed. Also, the game encounters regular updates and everlasting support from the development team.

Not to mention, the social community at GameJet is quite active too. Nowadays, many games accept crypto payment options latter leading to the creation of Tron gaming operators. Such gaming platforms are openly accepting Tron as a payment and staking the TRX coin.

This simply means that any player is not tied down to traditional payment options while playing online games. Instead, you can use cryptocurrency to buy, sell, stake, and trade digital assets at GameJet, and Tron is the best option you have in front of you.

There are many cryptos out in the market, every one of them having their own benefits; however, Tron also has much to talk about it. There are various reasons to recommend using Tron blockchain. TRX is associated as the coin of Tron [blockchain technology] used to host this currency. The transactions that occur on Tron blockchain are much faster than Bitcoin. Also, the fees for transactions are less enough while talking about consideration.

Additionally, there is no mining of coins that we see in the case of Bitcoin. Rather than this, elected nodes can simply manage the rewards and assign them in the right pattern. The utilization of Tron for gaming domain is still relatively new. Although, we have experienced a rise in the number of gaming startups and project, that have initiated Tron as a payment option as well as a blockchain to build a project on.

This will eventually grow along with the opportunity to use Tron, so will the demand for it. When this happens, automatically the price will increase further too.

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