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A recent analysis report states that blockchain and non-fungible tokens aka NFTs are adapting gamers into investors. The advent of NFTs and blockchain technology has transformed the entire concept of gaming and entertainment. In the first quarter of this year, checking over the massive growth within this gaming industry, blockchain gaming firms have successfully raised half a billion dollars i.e. $476 million value.

GameJet Will Release 3 Casino and Mini Games

The blockchain gaming projects like GameJet are breaking the news to revolutionize online gaming into a whole new place for gamers. On the other hand, JET is a utility token like no other specifically build to raise the funds for GameJet project.

Recently, this project announced to release 3 casino and mini games [play-to-earn]. With the help of JET tokens, we have decided to set out the most demanding games with the presale of tokens. We are bringing the gaming community along with JET assets providing premium creator partnerships, exclusive content, NFTs and advanced gaming protocols.

Our team intends to demonstrate super addictive game and tokenomics to overall benefit the token and smoothly take it to new heights. The game at GameJet is set to be released soon after the final testing.

GameJet Token Presale Goes Live

GameJet is one stop for crypto lovers and gamers searching to halt in this gaming industry. We provide you a Defi game project built with sound tokenomics that is all set for its presale. Yes, indeed, the presale of JET tokens is live on GameJet. We are distributing 40% of the total token supply. This presale event is set to run for 7 days.

Interested users can join GameJet presale event to grab JET tokens and rewards for exclusive investments. We have designed this to help it make a careful move while offering a great gaming experience that will make it a win-win situation for gamers and investors.

JET token is considerately designed to achieve various purpose and goals. This will raise the reputation and value of both token and project. Also, we aim to gather huge community base genuinely supporting the growth of project. This token is planned to hold various programs and events that will make GameJet popular amongst the gamers and gaming industry.


GameJet tokenomics is the backbone of the gaming ecosystem that will allow the holders gain the most from their investment. This token distribution has been perfectly outlined to ensure the project faces continuous buy pressure and high volume.

On the other hand, the low taxes delegate users to swing trade without any penalty of taxes. The initial token supply of the GameJet is fixed at 1 billion, which is further divided in the following manner.

Initial Game Liquidity: 20% tokens

Presale: 40% tokens

Public Sale: 40% tokens

Initial token burn: 20% tokens

Development and marketing: 20% tokens

Transaction burn: 20% tokens

Why GameJet?

We consider security as a serious entity at GameJet, and therefore we have taken some additional steps to secure your investment. Consistently, we would be performing security audits. The entire details about the audit are yet to be disclosed, but needless to say we are planning more than most to evince that we have a reliable, transparent, and follow professionally written contract.

GameJet big picture facilitates placing the project at the forefront of entertainment, gaming, NFT, and crypto industry. We are not satisfied with rolling in the mass of emerging tokens, despite; we are inspired to put our gaming platform on a pathway of stability and utility that are usually associated with established projects

Also, considering our roadmap, we have already kickstarted the process to forge a world class application at GameJet, where our utility and efforts will be truly recognized. Through strategic gaming partnerships and implying tournaments and competitions, GameJet team plans to develop/design a place for gamers, players, and crypto enthusiasts to coalesce. On GameJet gaming platform the user can freely play, earn, and trade exclusive NFTs, tip one another in JET token assets and even stream right from the application base.

GameJet commences strategic partnership with Japanese blockchain developers to eventually boost the token growth. After the closure of presale and release of advanced set of games at GameJet, the experts predict JET tokens to reach 100x with a huge demand and token reservation for players. Also, we have scheduled to list JET tokens on well-renowned and trusted exchanges like JustSwap, Binance, OKEx, BitMart, etc.

Medium : https://gamejet.medium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamejetpro

Telegram: https://t.me/GamejetNetwork

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gamejetpro

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/gamejetprotocol



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